90 Days of Prayer | Oct - Dec 2019

Grace City Prayer

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.

Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. Jeremiah 29:7


Grace City Vision

As part of Christ’s Church, Grace City seeks to reveal the glory of God by saturating Tokyo with the gospel. She seeks to be used to change lives, renew communities, 

reform the city, and meet the needs of the society


Monthly General Prayer Items

  • That the financial needs of the church would be supplied

  • That gospel based ministries, led and used by the Holy Spirit, would spread throughout Tokyo

  • That Grace City’s community would be strengthened, and each person would grow as a disciple of Christ

  • That God would provide a new worship space

  • That through our offerings, we would experience the grace and presence of God beyond our imaginations. 

  • That through our offerings, we would experience the grace and presence of 

God beyond our imaginations. 


Community Formation: 2nd week of each month | November 10th– 16th


And he put all things under his feet and gave him as head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all. Ephesians 1:22-23

This week’s prayer  | November 10th– 16th

Community Formation | For divine appointments both in and outside the church, that God’s Kingdom would grow through each event

Community Groups | That each group would be Christ-centered and would mature through praying and reading scripture together

Family Ministry | That each of the volunteers serving in the nursery, Grace Kids, and youth group would be strengthened and matured spiritually. That adults and children would experience the joy of worshipping God together as God’s family. 

Today’s Scripture Devotion and Prayer

10th (Sunday) Mark 8:27-38

That by the power of the Holy Spirit, Grace City would be unified as God’s family / For Daimon-Hamamatsucho and Ginza-Yurakucho community groups / For the women’s prayer group

11th (Monday) Hebrews 12, Proverbs 8, Psalm 36

That community groups would be used as places of evangelism / For the Azabujuban, Omotesando community groups / For the prayer meeting

12th (Tuesday) Hebrews 13, Proverbs 9, Psalm 37

That great wisdom and joy would be given to community group leaders / For the Roppongi and Ueno community groups / That the Christmas party and worship services would be used to connect many people to the gospel

13th (Wednesday) James 1, Proverbs 10, Psalm 38

That many new community groups of all varieties would be started / For the Otemachi and Ikebukuro groups

14th (Thursday) James 2, Proverbs 11, Psalm 39

That the children would believe in Jesus Christ and tell others about Him / For the Tsukishima and Hibiya. Community groups

15th (Friday) James 3, Proverbs 12, Psalm 40

For God’s blessing on the entire church family, including all the children and youth in our community

26th (Saturday) Think back over this week’s scriptures.

That we would be able to share the gospel with the non-christians around us / For the Nippori community group / That as we offer up these prayers and our gifts, that we would be able to experience God’s presence and grace beyond our imagination



 * English follows after Japanese 

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グレースシティヴィジョン | キリストの教会であるグレースシティは、東京に恵みの福音を満たすことによって、神の栄光をあらわします。そのために個人的な人生の変革、コミュニティの回復、




● 教会の経済的な必要が満たされるように  (毎月の赤字はマイナス65万円)

● 福音中心のミニストリーが聖霊に導かれて用いられ、東京に広げられるように

● グレースシティのコミュニティが強められ、一人一人がキリストの弟子として成長できるように

● 新しい礼拝会場が与えられるように

● みんなが祈りや賜物を捧げることを通して、想像以上の恵みと神の臨在を体験できるように

シティリニューアル: 都市の刷新 | 第3週目|今週の御言葉



今週の祈り | 11月10日(日) 〜 16日(土)


コミュニティフォーメーション| 教会の内外での出会い、イベントを通して神の国が広がるように
コミュニティグループ | コミグルがキリストを中心としたコミュニティとして、御言葉の分かち合い、祈りによって成長できるように
ファミリーミニストリー | グレースキッズ 、ナーサリー、中高生ミニストリーの奉仕者の一人一人が、霊的に安定して成長できるように。保護者と子どもたちが教会(神の家族)を通して主を礼拝する喜びを体験できるように


今日の御言葉 ディボーション & 祈り


グレースシティが神の家族として聖霊によって一致するように / コミグルのため(大門/浜松町、銀座/有楽町)/ 女性祈り会のため


コミグルが宣教の場として用いられるように / コミグルのため(麻布十番、表参道) / 毎月の祈り会のため


コミグルリーダーに知恵と喜びが与えられるように / コミグルのため(六本木、上野)/ クリスマスパーティや礼拝が用いられ、多くの人がイエスの福音を知るように


バラエティに富んだ新しいコミグルが生み出されるように /



子ども達がイエス・キリストを信じて伝えられるように / コミグルのため(月島、日比谷)




周りのノンクリスチャンの友人に福音を分かち合えるように / コミグルのため(日暮里、池袋)/ みんなが祈りや賜物を捧げることを通して、想像以上の恵みと神の臨在を体験できるように