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Tokyo is one of the largest, most expensive, and most secular cities in the world. Grace City Church Tokyo is a church plant in the heart of Tokyo. From May 2010 it has held weekly worship at a location near Tokyo station, aiming at a relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment, so making it easier for a non-Christian Japanese person to experience and understand church.


Grace City, led by Rev. Makoto Fukuda and his church planting team, wants to be a new community called to glorify God by loving and serving the city. It focuses on providing relevant answers from a gospel centred perspective to the many questions that young professionals struggle with on a daily basis. Issues like the meaning of work, stewardship of money, or relationships.


Rev. Fukuda: “Together we will seek social justice and renewal of society. We believe that the Gospel will not only renew people’s lives, but that it will also affect culture and change the city. As Jesus became incarnate and lived amongst us, we want to share our lives with others. Sharing from the grace that God grants us. By his mercy, the church will offer a truly living and truly restful community in the middle of the buzz of an anxious city.”


Besides Sunday worship services, small groups and special outreach events, Grace City provides opportunities for growth, pastoral care, fellowship, teaching and evangelism. The church plant will be an incubator for young church planters to start new churches in central Tokyo in the near future. This first church is part of a larger church planting movement. Many new churches will be needed to affect the city and Japanese society with the gospel of grace. Redeemer City to City in New York assists the team through coaching.

“A new community in Tokyo called to glorify God by loving and serving the city.”



Grace City Church Tokyo seeks to affect Tokyo strategically. The new church plant focuses on the southeast part of Central Tokyo. This is the area around Tokyo Station with the international financial district Marunouchi, but it also includes the political center of Kasumigaseki, the media around Shiodome, and the residential redevelopment along Tokyo Bay in the direction of Shinagawa. The high profile of this area attracts a growing number of young urban people who work and increasingly live in this area.

Location details




Church planting in city center Tokyo is deeply needed, but also expensive. To cover the cost of evangelism, renting a facility, salary and expenses for the church planter, Grace City Church Tokyo has a budget of about $250,000 a year. Initially about 50% will be raised in Japan through the sacrificial giving of other churches, individuals, and church members. Grace City Church Tokyo aims to be financially independent in 2016. 



Please pray for this venture: for God to work in Tokyo, affecting this city and its young professionals through the Gospel of Grace, for the team, and for the necessary funds to be raised. You can help by mobilizing prayer and funds. Or contribute yourself by making a check (all gifts are tax-deductable) out to: Redeemer Presbyterian Church Tokyo Project Acct. #23617


Please send your check to:

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

1359 Broadway, FL4, New York, NY 10018-7102 




Send an email for more information, if you would like to receive the newsletter, or know how to be involved: Contact

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