Welcome Dinner ウェルカムディナー

ウェルカム ディナー WELCOME DINNER のお知らせ

Welcome Dinner





《日時》7月24日(日) 17時KDDI HALL集合

礼拝舞台前集合 (20時迄)



イタリアンバル小麦 八重洲店

東京都 中央区 八重洲 1-7-10

八重洲YKビル 1F



定員35名 申込みはコチラ



☆Welcome Dinner☆

Feel free to Join our party after Sunday Service☆

We'd like to invite people who have come to our church recent months to introduce who we are.

Let's meet each other and have a good time!

《Time & Date》 July 24th (Sun) Get together at 5pm at KDDI Hall (Party until 8pm)

We will have a brief introduction at KDDI Hall, then go to a restaurant together.

《Place》 Italian Bar Komugi at Yaesu

1-7-10 Yaesu Chuo-ku Tokyo Yaesu Y building 1F

《Fee》 Food - 1,300 Yen, plus cost of Drinks

《Reservation》 by May 19th (Tue)

Contact here

※Cancellation needs to be done by Wed May 20th otherwise, we need to charge 1,300 yen per person.

35seats available

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