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映画deディスカッション Movie&Talk event


メリー・ポピンズ リターンズ



日時:2月24日(日) 5:00pm - 9:00pm

ディスカッションの時間 : 5:00pm @Midtown Hibiya 日比谷 B1 FOOD HALL

映画鑑賞: 6:20pm @TOHO CINEMA HIBIYA 日比谷 参加される方で、ディスカッションの後で映画を観たい方は、TOHOシネマズ 日比谷 6:20pmの回、「メリー・ポピンズ リターン」をご予約ください。(残席数が少ないと表示されていますので、お早めに!)





主 催 : グレースシティチャーチ東京

協 力 : コミュニティーアーツ東京

Movie & Talk

Mary Poppins Returns

When you watch a movie, you see things through someone else’s eyes.

Movies often teach us how to face the difficulties of our life and shows us where hope lies in a fallen world.

Date: February 24th (Sunday)

DISCUSSION Time: 5:00 @ Midtown Hibiya B1 FOOD HALL

MOVIE Time: 6:20pm @ Toho Cinema Hibiya If you would like to watch the movie after the discussion, please book the ticket for 6:20pm @ TOHO CINEMAS HIBIYA.

Feel free to come only for discussion time.

Our discussion is 5pm @ Midtown Hibiya Food Hall (B1 food court)! Everyone coming from GraceCityChurch, feel free to meet at the KDDI Hall entrance at 4:30pm and we'll go from there together


Please send email using the link above to inform of your wish to participate.

A Grace City Church Event in Cooperation with Community Arts Tokyo

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