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TALK & DISCUSSION EVENT Connecting Differences - Business X Arts X Hope 違いを繋げる - ビジネス X アート X 社会


Connecting Differences - Business X Arts X Hope

違いを繋げる - ビジネス X アート X 社会奉仕

* English follows after Japanese


6月12日(水)開場 7PM |スタート 7:30pm - 9:30pm

場所 : C-WORK 東京都千代田区麹町2-2-4 麹町セントラルビル4F


参加費:¥2,000円 軽食・飲み物付き (当日支払)


Christopher Elmerick クリストファー・エルメリック


Charis Chamber Players チェリス・チャンバー・プレイヤーズ 






主催 : グレースシティチャーチ東京

協賛 : Lightプロジェクト, コミュニティアーツ東京


Christopher Elmerick Profile クリストファー・エルメリック



Connecting Differences – Business, Arts, Social Justice

Wed June 12th Open 7pm Start 7:30pm

Place : C-WORK 2-2-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Kojimachi Central Building 4F

Admission ¥2,000 Light meal included

Register from Here : 

RSVP Register by Mon 7th June 2019

Only 50 Seats available Contact us

We live surrounded by cultural tensions which arise because our cultural ‘institutions’ have become segmented. We all want to remain comfortable, and therefore gravitate to what feels familiar or ‘known’ to us, whilst each desiring to feel important. If we take a look at the cities we live in, we find three distinct ‘societies’ competing against one another to be the primary influencer of our culture: the Business Society,

the Art Society, and the Social Justice/Work Society. How does this tension impact the way in which each of these ‘societies’ can influence culture and how can we move past this segmentation with the hope of seeing true cultural change in the cities that we live in? We have seen it work in Berlin. Come and discover how it can change your city, too.

Guest Speaker

Christopher Elmerick Profile

Christopher is a visionary who is committed to building authentic community and cultivating creativity in every area of life. He is an American but has lived in Berlin, Germany with his wife Stephanie and three children for 13 years where they founded a local cultural center which also serves as an art gallery, event space, and co-working location. Christopher also plays an active role in pioneering church plants throughout the Berlin. He is passionate about calling forth the beauty that God has placed in each of us as part of His creation as He works to make all things new.

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