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感謝のビデオメッセージ大募集! Thank You Message Video Request

*English follows after Japanese






・自分の名前「私(の名間)は〇〇〇〇です。」 ・感謝の言葉:自由に感謝やこれからの期待を語ってください。 ・最後の言葉「主の恵みはとこしえまで!」を必ず入れて、主を賛美しましょう。 ・30秒以内でお願いします。ご家族一緒に撮影する場合は、少し長くなってもかまいません。 ・端末は横向きで撮影してください。 ・動画は コチラののグーグルドライブのフォルダ に入れてください。 締め切り:5月7日(木)


Thank You Message Video Request

May 31st is Grace City’s ten year anniversary! Let’s make a bouquet of thanks and praise to God for Grace City Church.

Please film a 30sec smartphone video message filled with the things you're thankful to Grace City for and what God has done there over the years.

The content should be as follows: ・Your name: e.g. “My name is…” ・Message of thanks:

Talk freely about the things you're thankful for and also the things you are looking forward to ・Closing statement: Let’s praise God by ending with a word of praise. e.g.

“Praise God for his everlasting love” ・Please be sure your video is under 30 seconds. If you are filming together with your family,

it can be a little longer. ・Please film the video horizontally, in landscape view ・Please upload your video to the Google Drive folder HERE: ・Deadline: In order to have enough time for editing, please help us by uploading your video

by May 7th May (this week).

Contact from HERE

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