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秋のピクニック 10/3(土)1時〜

秋のピクニック開催 皇居外苑 Autumn Picnic 2020年10月3日(土) 皇居外苑 1pm 集合

ソーシャル ディスタンスを考慮したゲームあり!

集合場所 皇居外苑のコチラをクリック

持ち物: お弁当、飲み物、敷物、消毒






Autumnl Picnic, Saturday, 10/3 at the Kokyo Gaien National Gardens

Taking proper precautions against Covid-19, let’s spend some time together outdoors. Bring your own lunch and meet us at the Kokyo Gaien National Gardens for a picnic (please see the link below). Join us for a refreshing time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Also note, this picnic will overlap with the Bento Project. Please wear a mask when you come. Follow this link to see the location where we will meet. → HERE

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